The WashingTongue is an exclusively online virtual newspaper. We are primarily devoted to satire with an occasional article about interesting ‘things to do’ and lifestyles in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Poking fun at our central politicical institutions is not only a long tradition in the USA, but sometimes useful in having the broadest range of intellectual thought and consideration to the myriad of issues facing our country.

Some policies and legislation look great ‘on paper’, but the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences’ always overrides governance over time. We hope to assist citizens in discerning those instances where our government and our laws have crossed over into the ‘twilight zone’ of the absurd and the ridiculous. As comedian Ron White says, “You Can’t Fix Stupid”. Bad ideas can breed. We are like a ‘thought dating service’ where you can examine ideas on some dimensions you may not have considered. Hopefully, you will see that some political idea partners for your mind are, as they say, ‘just ain’t right’.