Whenever the ‘conservatives’ run out of issue’s gas or have a need to obfuscate other pressing national political concerns, they bring up the idea of a Constitutional Amendment about desecration of our Nation’s Flag. ‘Liberals’ generally try to ignore these attemps as irrelevant. We think this is a mistake. Why not take this silly issue off the playing field once and for all. If the amendment were structured properly it should satisfy the overwhelming majority. Futhermore, it would actually have a chance of becoming Constitutional Law.

Our modest proposal is simple. Burning or desecrating the U.S. Flag would defined as a misdemeanor and could never exceed this classification even after numerous convictions on multiple counts. A modest fine (never to exceed a maximum of around $25 or less at the judge’s discretion) seems appropriate per occurence. Additionally, one hour of ‘community service’ should be imposed for each occurence.

If you believe strong enough in whatever rationale has driven you or your group’s decision to desecrate one of our nation’s symbols, then you ought to be willing to give something in return to assist in making our country better over time. ‘Temporary insanity’ would be explicitly codified for this misdemeanor as a plea. If you can convince the judge that your belief was so politically compelling you had no rational choice but to desecrate the Flag, then the judge could wave the fine. After all, suppose the judge agrees, in principle, with your protest. However, we think it’s a good idea that the one hour of ‘community service’ still be imposed even after an accepted temporary insanity plea.