We are not about journalism. On the other hand, we are not purveyors of wanton disrespect or slander either. We are attempting to balance on the knife’s edge between the important and the banal. We walk a thin line where on one side lies seriousness and the other side lies silliness.

We hope to attract writer’s that don’t care about the ‘box’ so they have no problem thinking inside or outside of it. Remembering the adage about the oldest profession, we want people to ‘prostitute’ their minds. This leads to the second oldest profession of ‘pimping’ and the “Washingtongue” will be there to assist you in pimping your prostituted minds.

Finally, the third oldest profession has to be ‘politics’. As soon as Adam and Eve had their first difference of opinion, politics was born. They must have had the future Washington, DC in mind, a place where minds are prostituted, pimped, and politicized to the fullest extent possible. We just want to join in on this endless public performance that regularly occurs in our Nation’s Capital. Maybe you will come along and play too.